Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hello World

On Monday and Tuesday I worked on a friend's film in the studio, I was PA (who calls all of the shots and cameras for the vision mixer) and also had a little directing debut! One of the scenes starred the director in a little cameo so I was left in the gallery to direct the rabble of crew!

The first day was just set up so not a lot to do on my part but the sets looked amazing!!

{Clare, one of our set designers, at work}

{The Jungle Scene}

{The Futuristic Scene}

The basic scenes were a Crystal Maze spin off with two areas for the contestants, the jungle and futuristic. The humour was the team captain is in a wheelchair and keeps taking the physical challenges, to no success and the team begin to get royally cheesed off. 

The second programme is called Don't Bang The Gong where the contestants have to simply make sure they don't bang a gong in 15 seconds, unfortunately all of them do and are taken away to a terrible fate! Dark humour from our director what can I say!

The second day however was a little bit manic! We had three scenes to do in one day and everything was running late! But everything turned out well and good, the sets and the costumes looked amazing, I just hope that the director can use the shots in the film! Here's some photos from the days taken by the lovely Lorna Rose Clift again, she is handy with that old camera of hers!

{Me feeling the power with my new role + Rikki our Vision Mixer}

{SO many notes, my script was barely legible}

{Tom the presenter for 'Don't Bang The Gong'}

{The director Rob's cameo in the Crystal Maze}

{Charlie concentrating on his camera}

{A little snippet of our view from the gallery}

{Our floor manager Andy and lighting Ben having a play in the wheelchair, SO unprofessional!}

{Classic Crystal Maze fashion}

{Sound with Jennie}

{Our view for two days}

{I think the camer was too tall for Emily!}

{Sound man Dave}

{So many leaves! Our set designer Lauren}

I can't wait to see the result in the film! I'll keep you posted!

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