Thursday, 15 March 2012


Graze is a brilliant service and I would honestly recommend trying it to anyone, the first one is for free you might as well!

Basically it's a healthy snack delivery every week for £3.75, they deliver 4 little punnets of goodness. They're so perfect for that snack at work or while you're working away in the library.

You can bin the things you don't like (I didn't like the dried fruit) and rate the things you really liked highly so you get them more often! The dippy bits and breads and nuts are delish and they fill that little spot before dinner and they're not crisps which makes a change from most students snacks!

They're such a lovely company and started by the LoveFilm guy so really they're only going to get bigger. I love all of their design and the cute added touches they have to the boxes and punnets you get. Around Christmas everyone got this little fella in their boxes:

You can get your first box for free with this code: 7KXQ3M8 and you can cancel if you don't like the box or keep on the deliveries (the first one is usually pretty good as they're naturally trying to impress you!)

{Picture found @grazedotcom}

So give it a go, browse the food selection and do some rating in your spare time and hey presto you get some delicious food for pennies and in the long run you'll probably save money and weight from avoiding those vending machines at uni!

The website is so give it a go and get grazing.

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