Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Goodbye Dissertation

I have finally handed in the thing! I never have to think about Tudor adaptations again but for those of you who aren't on my course and have no idea what I'm on about this is the general gist of the research:

The main premise was talking about adapting novel to film which is pretty much the only thing we see these days in movies and television. I put a twist to the research and discussed historical adaptations of the Tudor period instead so I could look at mis-representation of history and how it effects the audience's learning. I thought I'd do this because I thought I liked history and the Tudors especially, BIG MISTAKE! I've literally ruined any liking I had of Tudor adaptations and never want to see one again!

Basically lots of historians think that if a film tells the audience that Anne Boleyn slept with her brother then everyone will think its true even though it was just scandalous rumour from the court (who doesn't like a bit of gossip?!) However, others say that the audience aren't THAT stupid to think that everything in a drama is true? 

Well I did a survey and found that (hooray!) we're NOT that stupid which is just brilliant, so I'm really glad I wrote 10,000 words about that.

I had quite a lot of interest in this dissertation at the start so I probably should have written this post back then, but now I'm cynical and glad to have it out of my life. Anyone else writing a diss at the moment I feel for you and you will get through it (for tips to keep on track see here

However, for me, I'm very much looking forward to my freedom and getting gazeeboed with my fellow BATVers and my sister is visting for the week yay! 

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