Thursday, 8 March 2012

Joules Spring Collection

Yesterday was my first day back at work for a while and I returned to a whole new shop full of new spring bits and bobs so I thought I'd show you a few of my favourite pieces in the collection.

I'm not exactly the Joules target customer and I've worked here for so long that I think my eyes have been blurred by stripes, but every season I get a few welcomed surprises which threaten my pay packet! (all picture sourced from

{Sinnington jacket - £159}

I have wanted this jacket for a long time and its always coming back out with a different flowery lining, one day I will get it! Its a brilliant investment piece as its a good tailored fit and not too obvious tweed so it will go with everything!

{Moredale coat - £84.95}

My family and I went a bit coat crazy this Christmas with Joules but I got this treasure and its so great. Its smart enough to wear as a jacket and so comfy! They're very popular coats but if you do enough searches you'll find it, determination is needed when it comes to some clothes!

{Fiona blouse - £59.95}

This is another item that I have and its such a gorgeous fit, the picture doesn't quite give it justice but its fitted enough but loose to cover those lumps and bumps, its also more creme than this pic! The necklines gorgeous too.

{Christen top - £29.95}

A perfect staple for your wardrobe, everyone needs a Breton and this is a very good price for such an essential!

{Maristow skirt - £44.95}

This skirt is just perfect for a summer event that needs a little mosre smart but not enough for a full on summer dress. This pattern will work every summer so you'll get your use out of it!

{Katelyn bag - £44.95}

Now lets talk about accessories, Joules always has the prettiest accessories! This bag is the perfect holiday bag especially for Mums or whoever holds the passports and tickets in the family! My Mum has such trouble with all the things she needs to take with her that you need a big bag like this, so why not make it a cute dotty wicker bag? 

{Lanie pumps - £26.95}

These little pumps are so cute and the most useful shoes to wear for the summer, they'll go with everything and keep you comfy all day and they're a bit of a steal at that price.

{Lottie trainers - £24.95}

Another pair of gorgeous, handy shoes for the summer! You can get the plain versions but I quite like the little flowers. Cath K do some similar ones but I've been told they're quite rubby so give these ones a go!

{Evedon wellies - £64.95}

These are probably the most popular Joules wellies as they've gone transatlantic! I've seen multiple pictures of these on Pinterest pinned by some Americans not knowing where they're from! I have an old pair when they were called Posh Wellies and they are PERFECT for festivals, in a sea of Hunters you're the one that will stand out at the festival!


{Phaedra jumper - £44.95 reduced from £69.95}

Now lets talk outlet, theres still so many great things left in the outlet like this cute Pheasant jumper, a little bit of country but they're so soft and a bit of tongue in cheek for Joules.
{Tabby hat - £9.95 reduced from £22.95}

I'm in love with this hat its just so cute and looks great on teenagers and young'uns, perfect for those bad hair days!

{Slippersocks - £9.95 reduced from £19.95}

These will get you through any cold days I promise you! I've had mine for almost 2 years now and they're still going strong, I absolutely love them, stick your feet in next time you're in a shop and you'll see exactly why people like them so much!


{Atwell jumper - £69.95}

{Carter shirt - £59.95}

Theres some lovely mens things but these two pieces are my favourites. The jumper is gorgeous and perfect for those lazy Sundays. The shirt is a brilliant staple for work or casual and my Dad has told me multiple times how brilliant the Joules shirts I buy him are, they wash well apparently!

However, the best thing about the new collection is the Picnic collection!!

{Picnic Basket - £74.95, Coolbag - £29.95}

{Carrystool - £29.95}

I'm a big fan of Joules picnic bits, we have the cool bag and it goes to every Point to Point with us but this seat is amazing! You have no idea how useful this item will be, say you've got a garden party and you've invited more people than seats... carrystool to the rescue! You get my drift, they're fab. The Picnic basket is so nice, it comes with everything you'll need and everyone needs a picnic basket don't they?

One thing I am excited about is the unveiling of the Joules stationary! I think we all know how much I like stationary after my long post about cards and notebooks!

So if you're thinking of revamping your spring wardrobe or looking for some new picnic bits have a look at and see what you can find! Or give us a visit in Bournemouth Beales :)

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