Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wireless Day 1

For my actual birthday myself and Jess decided to buy ourselves birthday presents, Jess turned 21 on the Sunday when I turned 22 on the Friday, we bought Wireless tickets. We couldn't decide between Justin Timberlake and Jay Z so had to get both days. Day 1 was pretty incredible.

I am officially a GIANT!

We started with something a little fancy, we bought the Wimbledon themed Lanson, it's got the cutest little jacket ever! Using it on every single bottle of cava I ever buy.

We followed the crowds straight to the Yahoo! silent disco, I absolutely love silent discos singing like nobody cares even though strangers can hear your warbles.

Jagermeister have their own tent, BOOM!

Jagerbombs for two please bar man!

So many sweaty adolescents, feel like an old lady saying that.

Zane Lowe DJing his heart out

I need AME 100% OH!

We found a friend yay! Ibs and his friend turned up for the JT magic.

Snoop Doggy Doggggg

Frank Ocean should be my friend

Boogie on dowwwnnnn


JT was just incredible, Senorita was a serious moment with all the guys and the girls doing their sections of the song, honestly the best birthday party ever!

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