Thursday, 12 September 2013

22 BBQ and Watermelon Martinis

To end my insanely chocka block birthday weekend my housemates and a few friends scattered around London gathered for a little BBQ in the English sun. Laura and Kirsty bought me a BBQ for my birthday especially, it's so cute!

Look at my BBQ Skillzzz

We're convinced that James and Youtuber Tyler Oakley are the same person what do you think?!

Now onto some more serious stuff, drinks. We discovered our ultimate summer drink and the best mixer money can buy for a few drinks before painting the town red, watermelon martinis.

Doesn't this little badboy look good? You need one big watermelon, lots of ice, as much vodka as you can handle and a smoothie maker/blender. Our smoothie maker is only a little junior so we only chucked a couple of big scoops from the watermelon, a fistful of ice and a few glugs of vodka, whizz it all up (pips included, you won't taste them!) and Bob's your Uncle. A medium watermelon will give you about 10-12 drinks so get the rounds in bar tender!

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