Wednesday, 23 May 2012

1st Birthday GlossyBox

I think this is the first time I've actually blogged about my GlossyBox on the actual day I received it, I'm just so on the ball! So this month's theme was for their 1st birthday which made me pretty excited when I received the package as I thought this one's got to be the best one right?

However, I feel kinda slightly disappointed by this box, not because I don't like what I've received, but I don't feel like I've got £12.95 worth of products in there. It's saving grace was the cute little compact mirror they included and the fab wrapping paper, so I'm not upset with my box but I think I had pretty high expectations for this one. I shall, however, let you decide what you think about the box!

{Pretty in Pink}

{How cute is the ribbon and wrapping paper?}

{My little stash!}

{Apivita Express Beauty Masks - these are basically posh face masks, which I never do but my friend swears by them so may have to try them out next time I'm with her! They're a good size and would probably do 3-4 faces from one sachet}

{Lolita Lempicka Perfume - two little testers of perfumes, one is quite spicy and very different from my usual picks but I quite like them! I love these little testers as I keep them in my make up bag and useful for a top up}

{Eldora False Eyelashes - now I'm awful at applying eyelashes so I never wear them but I had hoped for eyelashes in my box to force me to try them again, however NOT with diamantes on! They're so not me! I have discovered that they're easy to take off so I shall be tweezering them off very soon!}

{Noble Isle Shower Gel - this is my third shower gel from my boxes and I'm sort of bored of them. However, it smells delicious and the bottle is really pretty so I think it will be my holiday shower gel as it smells very fresh}

{Osmo Berber Oil Hair Treatment - this is probably the most interesting product as I've just bought a hair oil for the summer and this looks really good, an intense conditioner for your hair, I desperately need it in this sun!}

{GlossyBox mirror and Birthday balloon - cute idea and they've asked their box recipients to blow up the balloon and send a picture of them with the balloon which is a really sweet idea I think, looking forward to seeing the pics all over Twitter!}

What do you think? I do really like everything in my box and will use it all so overall I'm happy, the box is so pretty with the wrapping paper too. It's always a good little pressie to receive from yourself!

I think the hair oil will be the most useful item but I will update you if anything in any of my GlossyBoxes are specifically outstanding items that have made their way into my routines!


  1. yours still looks better than mine, i got a 'gold' (more like yellow) collection 2000 eyeliner. the face mask and hair oil looks lovely :)

    1. I didn't think people still MADE gold eyeliner, let alone sold it!! :)