Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Cargo's Shoreditch

On Saturday I was given the job of taking a few of my housemate Kirsty's friends from uni and her out in Shoreditch. I had planned to go to The Big Chill for a while and for dancing I thought the only logical answer would be Barrio East, one of my favourite clubs in London.

The Big Chill is a pretty big bar just off Brick Lane and the dress code was most definitely casual. It was a great place to start the night but also would have been good for a quick Saturday afternoon drink or something. Drinks prices weren't too extortionate either, I had a mojito for £7 and a bottle of house white was only £14. Find all of their info here. 

We slowly made our way to Barrio trotting on our heels to find a massive queue and a guest list being the only viable option for getting in within the next half hour. Luckily someone stumbled upon Cargo's

I'll admit I was dubious, with a £15 entry charge in Shoreditch is a little extensive and Kirsty informed me that the drinks were a little pricey. 

We got in and were welcomed to a massive arched room full of lasers pumping out electro tunes, I instantly wanted to turn back. The music I'll admit isn't my cup of tea, I like something you can dance to and maybe even with some words in it. I'd given up on the night if I'm honest and wasn't sure how to perk it up. 

Then Kirsty came running back to the group telling us about this hidden room she'd found that was empty but the DJ was playing old 90s and early 2000's R&B tunes, suddenly the night changed to a brilliant night. The room was empty but once our group had got in there more people discovered the room and stayed for a boogie. 

The DJ was lovely and even suffered all of our requests, delving back into our 10 year old selves to remember our old favourites. His decks were placed on top of a piano, a novelty I may have gotten a little too excited about.

We discovered a cocktail which was £4 and Kirsty's boyfriend Dan had these on constant order. Because the room was so empty it really felt like we could just let go and dance like maniacs, although we did gain a little audience towards the end of the night!

To top off the evening we went for food after to my favourite place on Brick Lane, The Beigel Bake. It's open 24/7 and serves the most heavenly bagels encasing the most delicious hunks of salt beef you can imagine. You can order it with pickle and mustard and blow your face off but I usually leave the salt beef to talk for itself, with a warm bagel in our hands we hopped in our taxi home and all fell asleep on the journey!

A seriously good night with some lovely people, the hangover in the morning wasn't my favourite thing ever but it's nothing a mound of eggy bread can't sort!

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