Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The National Portrait Gallery

Sometimes it's nice to have a day to yourself. I feel that a lot of people have a constant need to be surrounded by people for fear of feeling alone but I think some days you need a little me time. 

I'd been wanting to do a 'gallery day' since I went to Vienna, I thought it seemed silly that I go to all of these galleries while on city breaks but never make time to properly look around the beautiful galleries right on my doorstep. 

So I set out to the National Portrait Gallery, I think it will always be my favourite in London, their permanent exhibitions are stunning and vast and their contemporary section holds some of the most well known art.

I'd always wanted to get an audio description and wander, so I bought an audio describer for a mere £3 and was handed basically an iPhone, they've definitely updated since I last saw them! You can plug in your normal headphones and listen to descriptions and interviews discussing the pieces and watch videos giving more historical detail. I could recommend it more if you really want to get to know some paintings.  

You can't ever get away from Apple!

While I was there I also saw THAT portrait of Kate Middleton, it's really quite stunning. I'll admit I wasn't a fan when it was first shown to the public but in real life it is beautiful. 

I'm biased but the National Portrait Gallery is the best gallery in London for a range of interests, pretty much all of it is free apart from one exhibition, a free exhibition named 'George Catlin  American Indian Portraits' which was stunning with a huge array of work. 

I then tried Chipotle for the first time, an American Mexican restaurant which has opened on St. Martins Lane offers the traditional burritos, tacos made fresh for you and wrapped in foil and ready for the goodness to be unwrapped like a present. I plucked for the pulled pork burrito which was delicious, one of the best I've had in a long time. My only downside was that guacamole was an added extra of £1.40 which I honestly don't think a glob of guacamole is worth! Prices average at about £7 a go.

Forgive and Forget Recycling.

Just off St. Martin's Lane tucked onto a side road full of old second hand book shops, I think it may be my new favourite road.

Absolutely stuffed, feeling more cultured than before and slightly bogged down with a little too much shopping in my hands I hurried home to get ready for an evening of dancing. 

I honestly had one of the nicest days in my own company, try it sometime and you might surprise yourself!

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