Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Alpe D'Huez Day One and Two

I'm finally back from skiing and have a terrible case of post holiday blues, I just want to be back there now!!

We all met at university on the Friday a week and a half ago and helped ourselves to a few drinks before the coach journey from hell, our theme for the coach was red gangster, I think everyone may know by now how little I can pull that look off so gold hoop earrings and too much bronzer it was!

{Ready to get on the coach}

{My coach buddy Elliza}

{Petrol pit stop}

I won't go into the coach journey much, suffice to say it was horrible and the smell will never leave me...

We got to Alpe D'Huez after many winding roads in the afternoon and settled into our little shared room with Emma, Lucy and Emma's sister Jen. Then we went out to a club called Underground, which is falsely named as it isn't underground but did have some tube maps to keep us feeling at home.

{A few of us at underground}

{Lucy looking surprised}

I guess I should mention the skiing, it was very nice and I think I slightly improved throughout the trip. It was the end of the season so it was very sunny but slushy snow, a slight goggle tan began to form!

{Chairlift and gorgeous view}

{Ski chums}

{Elliza looking unimpressed}

{Pretty mountains}

{Getting ready for our first ski}

The next night was the first of our themed nights, Band Geek! The theme was Spring Break so we decided to go as the nerds who go to band camp, unfortunately I am actually one of those nerds who went to band camp every summer, but lets just forget that fact.

For the outfits we had plain white polos tucked into shorts with writing on our backs saying 'This one time on the ski trip...' with varying events varying from the standard sexual student to exposing a forehead and my incredibly dull 'I had a bath'.

Anyway we all had our own instrument to make a glorious band of music, we went to a bar with many tables to dance on and then onto a sweat box club, then off home we went for midnight snacks.

{Our little band}

{A good looking bunch of nerds}

{I told you it was a sweat box}

Already the trip was shaping up to be a pretty good one...

(P.S. None of those photography is mine, it ranges from Anna, Emma, Lucy, Elliza and BU Snowriders photography - sorry for stealing guys!)

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