Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Men's Style

I was hoping to do a blog post today of the next two days of my holiday but my friends are being very slow to upload their photos (hint hint) so I thought I'd do a post I'd been wanting to do for quite a while. Men's Style!

Pinterest is a pretty good source to get inspiration for men's style, especially my favourite style of bow ties, cute jumpers and smart suits. So without further ado, boys suit up and girls you have permission to have a little dribble at your computer!

{Casual Sunnies}

{Italian Style}

{Pea Coat + Sweep Hair}

{Ray Bans}


{Smart Ray Bans}

{90210's Teddy}

{Polka Dot Hankie}

{Patterned Christmas Jumper}


{Bow Tie + Ralph}

{Elbow Pads}

{Paddington Bear Coat + Bow Tie}

{Smart Tweed}

{Louis Tomlinson - sorry I had to!}

{Too True}

There are many gorgeous pictures of lovely looking men in good clothes including celebrities on my Pinterest board. Enjoy!

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