Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday Playlist

I don't pretend to know lots about music and I'm most definitely not up to date enough to tell you about brand new music (for that you need to go to Amy Weller's blog ) but heres a few things I've been listening to this week:

{This mix has been on replay non stop this week and has been making me desperate to go out, not good for essay writing!}

{Daughter - Medicine. I've loved Daughter since the Ben Howard gig I went to, this is just beautiful and sets you up for a chilled evening with good food and a couple of glasses of wine!}

{Joker - On my Mind. I found this song at the end of the mix above and had to listen to the whole song, I'm pretty sure its been around for a while but I did warn you I'm not on it with the brand new music!}

{This is one of Annie Mac's Mini Mixes which I listen to religiously. I've been a little obsessed with the Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs since I saw them at Lounge on the Fram in the summer with a huge Indian headdress on! Anyway the mix is pretty good with some old croonie classics wrestling their way in!}

I hope everyone has a fab weekend, I'm at home for a week so expect lots of recipe posts (and hopefully the rest of my holiday) up next week! See you Monday!

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