Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Alpe D'Huez Days Three and Four

On the third day the theme was Charity shop but we had decided to celebrate Emma's birthday that night and charity shop simply wasn't good enough so we made 80s Prom our theme and there were some pretty impressive outfits. The boys found suit jackets and turned them inside out to reveal some interesting patterns in the lining.

The girls found some beautiful dresses with lots of chiffon, velvet and bows galore. I somehow decided to be Prom Queen (despite it being Emma's birthday!) and wore a tiara and corsage with my metallic prom dress, we all looked like we were from Grease or Never Been Kissed.

Before we left the hotel we played musical statues to classic 80s tunes. We then went to a bar called Rum Bar which served flavoured rums in milk bottles on its own, needless to say we may have had a few too many lemony rums!

{Guy's reaction to the rum}

{Tom's reaction to the rum}

{Birthday girl Emma and Tina}

{our very small Prom}


{Jess and Steph in their 80s clobber}

{Jen and I in metallic dresses, classy}

{Tina preparing to be a rasta}

{Lucy, Emma and Elliza}

{The whole gang with some interesting facial expressions!}

The next day's skiing proved to be very short with everyone incredibly tired and hungover but we did still get to see a few lovely views.

{Chilling in the snow}

{Lucy and Emma doing some good balancing for the photo}

{Not a bad hangover cure}

The fourth night was Space Vikings, I don't think I've ever seen so much tin foil scattered around the hotel, everyone was silver! We decided to be a bit different and use leeks as our Viking batons however, we quickly became the girls who smelt of onions and our leek duels left us with quite floppy leeks.

{Tin foil everywhere}

{Everyone in their tin foil, reeking of leeks}

{Elliza, the viking}

{Jen had a real baton for her Viking outfit!}

Our prom night was obviously the best theme, I don't think we were too sure on the space vikings, sort of a strange mix! I'll update you on the rest of the holiday tomorrow!

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