Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'm pretty sure most people have heard of this website but I don't feel like I've managed to get the most out of it because barely any of my friends are on there.

Basically for those who don't know what it is, it's a music tracker which shows your friends what you're listening to and your favourite artists (its kind of like that old MSN 'What I'm Listening To' thing but a big step up). You get recommended music from what you listen to and you can find some pretty cool people. Your profile looks something like this:

I'm on a bit of a Stevie Wonder loop at the moment!

This is where it tells you who your top artists are and the pictures are on a continuous loop so your profile looks different everyday. Yes unfortunately Bieber is on there, I had a bit of a phase last year, I'm trying to wipe him out slowly but surely!! You can also love songs and they'll come up more often when you play your library radio.

You can get the app onto your computer so you don't need to go on the website. It'll always be open counting your 'scrobbles' from iTunes, Spotify and whenever you plug in your iPod. It also goes straight onto the different radios you can listen to.

Its a great little website and you can find some cool new music on there which is the main perk, theres so many free downloads of new music on the website it's silly. So please join and add me so I can stalk all of your music tastes, I'm Springett91!

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