Thursday, 3 May 2012

GlossyBox Natural Beauty

My GlossyBox came on Friday and I got so excited when I saw the postman at the door, it's been so long since I received my Harrods edition! It's such a good present to give to yourself to have a little perk me up every month!

I am SO pleased with my box again, it was eco themed so everything is green and organic, I guess this just means I can feel better about myself!

The box was a gorgeous bio-degradable box, I've actually used it to hold all the pressies I've bought for my best friend's 21st, it's so pretty! So here's the goodies:

{My lovely box!}

{Can you see what I mean about the bio-degradable look?}

{Natural Beauty Box}

{List of my goodies with offers on all full size products}

{Pastel ribbon}

{Inika black eyeliner, it's full size and feels so nice!}

{This will be a very useful addition to my make-up bag}

{Caudalie Thirst-Quenching Serum - it's a concentrated moisturiser to go with your normal moisturiser, I desperately needed it after running out of my moisturiser from the last box. I've also heard that Caudalie is a really lovely company too, it feels so nice on my skin and feels like it would be a good base for my make-up}

{Figs and Rouge lip balm, packaging looks lovely and it smells delicious, what girl doesn't need lip balm in their handbag? It's one of those soft lip balms so it glides onto your lips!}

{Kai Perfume Oil, now this is TINY but apparently it is a perfume that smells different on everyone, it smells very nice but it is very small!}

{Ayuuri Coconut Body Wash, this is a huge full size body wash and it smells delicious, I've almost run out of my Molton Brown shower gel from the last box despite careful and small use so this was very much needed!}

Everything I received in this box I needed and would use a lot, I know some people haven't been as lucky as me, obviously it is a Russian Roulette but I love to try new things and this sample box scheme is just perfect for me!

Next month is their 1 year anniversary box and I think it should be a pretty good one so if any of you readers out there are tempted to get the next one then use this link!

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