Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Party Week: Drinks

The most important part of a 21st birthday party, in my mind, has to be the drinks! The afternoon tea theme has made me rethink just the normal ordinary drinks at a party, appearance is everything don't you know so I'm doing some traditional English drinks with a little Rosie twist and an afternoon tea party twist.

First, we'll serve the classic cava, a favourite of mine which has been drunk at many a party since I turned 18. I recommend this cava, it's not posh, it's not fancy, but it tastes damn good, and for that price you can drink three! I'm only kidding, but kind of not...

It'll be in the classic champagne flutes but we're turning them into 'Hedgerow bubbly' with elderflower cordial at the bottom and a little raspberry floating on top. Here's what they will *hopefully* look like.

{I'm hopefully going to make the flags with the tape I used for the invites yesterday}

Then we're doing the classic Pimms, my version of Pimms is terribly strong but delicious, my friend Andy and I got a headstart on my last party with a jug of this and we were already ready for the night out!

However, I'll be serving it in jamjars with cute stripey straws with as much fruit as you can fit in there. I think it'll make the drinks feel a lot more summery, even if we do have to evacuate the garden party to the conservatory!

{I like the higgledy piggldy glasses, I don't think thats an actual word hence why I can't spell it!}

{Gorgeous fruity drinks in jars}

{Drink me striped straws}

{It'll be so easy to pre prepare all the jars with the fruit ready for the yummy Pimms}

The last drink is going to be an assortment of cocktails, I'm not a cocktail maker connoisseur so it's only going to be simple ones but I'm presenting them in a different way.

A friend had a birthday party and was serving cocktails in teapots and it make me think I could go the whole hog and have lots of teapots (for the afternoon tea party) with different cocktails in and serve them in teacups and saucers.

Around Bournemouth there are so many charity shops so I did a little scour round and found 2 huge tea sets for £9, I have so many teacups now I think the cocktails will most definitely be flowing!

I've also found that the ice in the drinks can be just as decorative as the drinks. I have a fruit shaped ice tray so I'm going to make those with little additions to the cubes.

This week's blogs are getting me so excited for next week and I can't wait to show you what the party actually turns out like! Ahhhh!

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