Monday, 13 August 2012

The London Olympics 2012

The past three weeks have been so incredible and I've been so very lucky to have experienced the Olympics in the way I did. A year ago I applied to work for OBS which means Olympic Broadcasting Services. They film all of the Olympics footage and the host broadcasters (like BBC, NBC etc) will buy the footage and put their commentary, their interviews and everything on top to make it individual to them. 

I was lucky enough to be accepted as a Liaison Officer at the Beach Volleyball held at Horse Guards Parade right inside St James' Park for 16 days, and what a 16 days they've been. I've just got home from staying at my cousin's in Maida Vale for the whole time and I'm already feeling the post-Olympic blues.

{Team GB}

{Sunset over the beautiful stadium}

{A night-time affair}

{An NBA Basketball player, couldn't tell you who he is, standing in our Sports Presentation booth}

{They were very tall basketball players}

{An artist was commissioned to paint the gorgeous scene from the bell tower of Horse Guards Parade}

{Our smaller court}

{Sunshine time}

There have been so many highlights from these 3 weeks I can't quite fit them all in! Basically my job was to help the broadcasters interview the athletes by guiding them through the cameras and we helped the commentators who were speaking over the beach volleyball footage, basically dream job as I was in the sun for 10 hours a day, watching beach volleyball, talking to broadcasters and eating ridiculous amounts of good food!

The opening ceremony for a start was an incredible night. I met a friend from school, Tammy, and we ended up watching the ceremony in a cinema in an exclusive press event at a club called The Brewery in Moorgate, it's basically an old mansion in the middle of London and there was free champagne all night with posh popcorn, heaven right?! Matt Horne was DJing so we danced the night away to celebrate a wonderful opening ceremony for London.

{Tammy outside The Brewery}

{In the Mod room}

{Phone boxes are perfect for a pose}

{Chris Hoy in our cinema}

The days of beach volleyball were amazing, the atmosphere, the view, the people, everything was just the perfect mix for a fun 2 and a half weeks working. After work drinks and dancing became an everyday affair and I loved every minute of it.

I feel I'm starting to get a little too over the top with how amazing my time was so I shall just show you more photos but if you had a ticket for the beach volleyball I think you'd know what I mean, it is truly a brilliant atmosphere and I feel privileged to have worked at the London 2012 Olympics!

{We had a little trip to see how the Mall was shaping up before the games started, it was a beautiful sight}

{The view from our photographers platform, now do you see what I mean about the best venue?!}

{Cute little cottage in St James' Park}

{Can't get enough of the beautiful view}

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