Monday, 18 March 2013

St Paddys Day

I've never properly celebrated Paddy's day, usually seeing hoards of people walking around with Guinness shaped hats was the closest I'd get so this year, my first year properly in London I thought it would be simply rude not to celebrate it and make up for the rest of the 20 years.

We decided to go to an all day party at The Slug in Wimbledon along with our token Irish girl Sarah, we definitely completed the challenge of 'get the Irish girl drunk on Paddy's Day'.

Alex found a French maid outfit and decided the headband just looked too dashing not to wear.

After a long stumble to the station at 5 in the afternoon we got to the party. It was organised by an event called 'The Church' which I'd never heard of before but apparently they're well known for their parties around London (mainly Clapham).

It's basically a carnage in London, a lot like a student night but in the middle of London in a huge bar full of young 20 something people up for a laugh and not being pretentious whatsoever. Sometimes those kinds of nights are just what you need to go crazy with your friends, everyone there were so friendly that it felt like one happy Irish family on Sunday.

The photos got a little blurry towards the end of the night! I couldn't recommend the event more, our tickets were free as their Clapham evening event was cancelled so the Wimbledon pub was the free alternative.

The Church have a lot of events happening soon so if you're looking for a fun, inexpensive night with none of the very common London pretention, give these guys a go.

Work this morning was somewhat difficult but I definitely think I made up for missing Paddy's Day for so many years, the better the weekend the harder Monday morning always is!

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