Thursday, 21 March 2013

#throwbackthursday Graduation 2012

I wasn't able to blog about this weekend as it was during my insanely horrible commuting to London time so I thought I'd do it as a part of a #tbt as the photos are too good to waste!

Bournemouth Uni loves to be different so instead of graduating when you've just finished university, in the summer sun, we had to graduate in NOVEMBER. However, it worked out well as it felt more like a reunion and a massive catch up with my course.

We're a big course of 80 strong but a hell of a lot of us are all together in a big group so the weekend was bound to be a good one. I can honestly say I think it was one of the best weekends of my life.

We had the actual graduation in the BIC, full of people and in massive heels I walked across the stage wracked full of nerves but once it was over the celebrations and happiness took over!

The stage was pretty big!!

My two favourite boys.

Mummy and Daddy Springett

Lulabee was all dressed up for the occasion too.

The lady jumping up and down is James' Mum Denise, legend.

We had champagne and jazz music after the ceremony, we were all so glad it was over!

There were quite a few of us TV lot!

The best thing about graduating in Bournemouth? The pics by the beach.

After all of the celebrations with my course, in swooped the girls to congratulate me, I'm a very lucky girl!

We may have got a little over excited..

My parents will want these framed right?!

After our thousands of photos I went for a perfect lunch with my fam where I opened all my cards and presents, definitely felt very spoilt!

That night was the Graduation Ball which was honestly one of the best nights out ever, I think we all knew we wouldn't eb all together like this again for a very long time so everyone was ready for a long night of dancing.

Vicky copying my outfits yet again!

A perfect night, weekend, everything, take me back already!

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