Tuesday, 26 March 2013

SHUUSH at The Lightbox

Friday night was a very impromptu night out with some of the uni boys, as most boys are it was very unorganised but we ended up going to The Lightbox in Vauxhall for Shuush's event. I don't take any credit for the organisation or picking it was all the boys choice so I haven't actually got a clue who any of the DJs are but what I can tell you is they were absolutely brilliant!

All photography from the night sourced from here

The Lightbox is a great venue, quite a smallish room but the walls and ceilings are covered in LED bulbs which light up with different colours all night, they were temperamental when we were there but when it worked it looked incredible!

The lights!

The DJ selection

Pretty sure this was my favourite DJ, from wat I can remember...

Me and all the boys, we all seem quite happy to be there

It was actually a bit of a sausage fest but the photographer has made a good effort to make it look like there were some girls!

The music was just so good, all of the house music that has become quite mainstream mixed with some unknown chilled music, just what I needed as a change from some of those boring 'chart music' clubs in central London.

They do the event every month I think and if you're organised, which s I mentioned we were not, you can get early bird tickets for £5. Keep updated on their Facebook and find the Lightbox ticket website for all of their events here.

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