Thursday, 14 March 2013


Tuesday night was the turn of Street Feast to return to Shoreditch with a bang that was The Brooklyn Feast. I made my best friend and 'husband' James take me on a date. The tickets were £7 including booking fee which came with a beer voucher and a food voucher where you could choose any of the street van's 'taster menu'. 

The premise of Brooklyn Feast was to pair 8 street van's specialities with Brooklyn brewed beer. We decided to go for 4 different menus and share each so we could try as much as possible.

It was based in a car park in Dalston with vans parked around, a bar stacked full of beer, tunes blaring out of the speaker including Chaka Khan's 'Ain't Nobody' to keep all the cold queueing campers entertained. There was more than enough seating areas with one area at the back with sofas and bonfires to keep us toasty.

We started with Luardo's fish tacos and what a meal to start with! I'd never properly tried a fish taco but these were something else. Battered white fish in a floury taco with a chunky mango salsa, creamy slaw, chilli sauce, a slice of avocado  and a big squeeze of lime, it was incredible and we definitely could have eaten them all night!

{Whilst in the queue James decided to warm up Mother Teresa style}

{James' first attempt at eating a messy taco!}

It was paired with an East India Pale Ale, which for a girl who doesn't like beer, had quite a sweet appley taste.

James has clearly never poured a beer before.

The next one was Bleecker Street Burger who I wanted to check out for absolutely ages, they only have a street van and don't have a permanent stand so you have to look out for where they are each month.

I tried their slider which was a toasted bun with a medium rare pattie and LOADS of cheese.

However, I didn't realise what a slider meant...behold the smallest burger you'll ever behold.

It was absolutely delicious, I just wish I'd bought a bigger burger!

Next up was The Bowler Gourmet Balls, we chose their Thai Curry Ball Box. Not only was the food delicious, I rather enjoyed their constant usage of balls on the menu, in their book, on their sign including 'sweaty balls', being the immature beings we are James and I had a good giggle.

The pictures as usual don't do it justice, the meatballs were delicious with jasmine rice and a creamy thai curry sauce covering the whole dish with a creamy slaw and crunchy onions on top. I wish I could have had more it was seriously good and their van was covered in grass and flowers!

To top it all off we went for a Spit and Roast, another pun that made us giggle. We ordered their buttermilk breaded chicken with a fennel slaw and Korean chilli sauce in a floury bap.

Wow, what a way to end the evening, it was spicy and sweet with chicken that broke apart in a spicy crunchy breadcrumb.

I honestly can't decide which was my favourite but I'm still dreaming of the fish tacos and chicken bap. There are so many of these street van festivals cropping up around London and I found this one from following Bleecker Street Burger but any of the street vans around will tweet about anything they're involved with so get following. You can find the street feast info here.

I honestly couldn't recommend it enough, especially on a warm day with all of your friends. I'm definitely looking forward to the next one!

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