Monday, 11 March 2013

Restaurant Round-Up

Recently I've been insanely busy, I've been meeting friends after work almost every night for 2 weeks but haven't had a chance to take pictures or anything.

I've been to some seriously great places recently and it seems a shame not to recommend them just because I don't have a photos of my time there.

First up is Mishkin's. They call themselves a 'kind of Jewish deli' which I'm not quite sure means but what I do know is that it's a gorgeous place right off the centre of Covent Garden, not insanely crammed and not insanely expensive like everything inside Covent Garden. I went with Catherine for a serious girly catch up and we ordered the house wine, served in small tumblers, which was really quite a drinkable, dry white. As they only have a restaurant license we had to order food (any excuse!) so we went for half and half sides, half fries, half onion rings, they were gorge.

The food looks incredible and the restaurant slowly got busier as we delved deeper into our gossiping, I desperately need to go again to try their dinner out. It has a really lovely vibe about it (which is a phrase I hate people saying but for once this makes sense for Mishkin's), the staff are incredibly helpful and friendly, possibly the best thing about them though was they knew when to leave you alone which is essential for girly catch ups! They have tables and chairs outside which looks like a perfect spot for a chill out afternoon with a great coffee and an equally good book on a slightly warmer day in London than recent weather!

You can find all of their info here.

Next is The Duke in Richmond. I went here because Richmond High Street is kind of full of Italian restaurants chains which is incredibly boring so I plucked for this on a similarly serious girly catch up with Emily. Food is traditional pub food, wine is really great we ended up drinking our way through our first bottle before our food had even come so of course had to go for another!

I'd say the Duke is a pretty standard up market gastro pub but the staff were really lovely and there aren't too many places off Richmond High Street unless you go down to the river that will offer you something a bit different to Prezzo's.

You can find them here, and they currently offer 25% off your food bill, don't say I don't treat you!

Another lovely pub I visited with work was the Pilot which is a Fullers pub in Chiswick (right behind work so perfect for an after-work tipple), you can pretty much trust with a Fullers ppub that the pub will look traditional but casual with HUGE portions of food! The chips are insane and I discovered my new drink for a hungover hair of the dog drink, gin and elderflower, perfect mix of calm soft drink and well, gin. There's a massive patio garden out the back which I can imagine a lot more evenings will be spent with work drinking our school nights away.

Get all of their info here.

The last place I went to was somewhere I'd been hoping to try for ages, Bone Daddies in Soho. I'd seen pictures on Twitter with huge bowls of delicious looking broth and knew I had to get straight over there, I wasn't disappointed.

The restaurant is really chilled with big benches and high chairs so everyone's sharing making it feel a lot more casual. They have the most amazing comforting bowls of bone based broths filled with noodles, chicken, seaweed, salad and hard boiled eggs, it was seriously delicious. I went for the extra cock scratchings which are crispy 'cocks' on top, a great addition and I really quite enjoyed ordering them!

On the tables they have jars of raw garlic and crushers or a sesame seed grinder to add some extra flavour, and for those who likes to seriously dig in, a jar of hair ties!

I couldn't recommend it more, the playlist is old school and perfect for bring your actually Daddy to or any friends who have an appetite! You can find them here.

Tonight is my first night home in an absolute age so I plan on using up everything in my fridge and watching the Hills all night, perfection!

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