Thursday, 25 April 2013

Vienna Part 1 - Sightseeing

I've been terrible at finding time to do my holiday posts but finally I've found time, lucky you!

A couple of weeks ago I travelled to Vienna with my Mum, sister and grandparents on our yearly Easter break city trip. I'd never been to Vienna before but had heard it was a great city for music and art lovers.

{Clearly I was pretty happy to be in Vienna}

As soon as we stepped off the plane you got a fresh intake of cold, crisp air, the kind of air you only get when you're on the top of a mountain it's such a heavenly feeling. Our taxi took us into the centre of Vienna but you can easily get a train straight from the airport into the tube system of the city (we did this on our way back as it's SO much cheaper!). However as you travel along the roads, the pavements are lined with trees in the shape of bulbs, on closer looking and our taxi driver explaining to us, they were all huge balls of mistletoe. Obviously during the wintery months most of the trees are bare but you can still see bulbs in full bloom, it was a really beautiful sight.

We stayed in the Hotel Royal and it was right next to the main square with their incredibly beautiful cathedral, it couldn't have been better placed, and whats better? There was a late night McDonalds opposite! Oh and also the whole of Vienna on your doorstep, but mainly McDonalds…

{I'm not going to say what all of these buildings are as I will inevitably get it all wrong!}

We had a couple of days where we did a lot of sightseeing, as we were with our grandparents we used their sightseeing tours and to be honest we probably saw more of Vienna in the 4 days than we ever would have on foot.

Vienna is a truly stunning place for architecture, so many buildings take you by surprise with it's incredibly delicate work and it was interesting to see the different artistic styles which have influenced the city throughout history. During the war many buildings were bombed so a lot of the beautiful buildings are sandwiched by odd grey buildings which almost create more attention for the historical buildings in contrast.

{They love a good bit of gold leaf in Vienna, who can blame them?}

The city is buzzing full of city people shopping in the square but I would also say that it is primarily a city to sit and watch the world go by with a coffee and an apfel strudel, a perfect relaxing holiday for all ages. We did some lovely arty and musical things on the trip but you'll have to wait until Part 2 for that!

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