Monday, 1 April 2013

Brighton Food Festival

Saturday the sun finally shone so we travelled over to Brighton to make the most of it at the Brighton Food Festival. They've put this on especially for the Easter weekend and the Lanes were filled full of vibrant busy stalls of food in huge pans and drinks being mixed to keep the cold campers happy.

It felt lovely to wander along streets I usually pass for an extreme shopping trip but instead it was full of my second favourite thing after shopping, gorgeous delicious food.

After some perusal we became a little munchy and after scouting what looked like the best stalls of the very large choice we dove straight in.

Lucy went to the Carluccios stand and sampled their spicy sausage pasta with heaps of parmesan and I got a mulled wine to warm the bones, it was made from a syrup so was incredibly sweet, it dangerously didn't taste of wine at all!

I went for a stir fry cooked in huge pans with wild garlic mixed in, topped with a banana curry and blitzed lemon sauce (they literally just chucked lemons into a blender and the result packed a real punch).

Mum went a bit mad with a roll filled with marinated chicken with salsas, guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, needless to say it was messy for her and entertaining for my and Lucy laughing at her (we're cruel daughters).

Walking through the Pavillion Gardens we found a more children focused area in the Victoria gardens, I don't need to say this but this was obviously my kind of place. The best thing? I made smoothies with a bike!

I made one great smoothie!

Mum decided that looking after this little van was her dream job...

It was a really lovely day, despite the sun disappearing and the snow annoyingly making an unwelcome appearance. If you want to keep up to date with any food events in Brighton have a look here. As well as street food you could buy local produce so is a perfect excuse for a farmers market visit too!

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