Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Can I stay here with you, til the day breaks?

Lucy and I wanted to make Good Friday an exciting 'spontaneous' day so we took ourselves to Lewes simply because I had a craving for tea in a teapot in a nice quaint cafe, apparently there can't be any nearer than that!

I'm so glad that my tea cravings took us here, I'd been a couple of times for dinner while working on a Joules sale but never properly looked around. The cobble street is surrounded by small white cottages with colourful doors, people milling around looking at the river and admiring the huge, still in production, Harvey's brewery.

While walking along this is when we discovered the Lewes Antiques Centre, a treasure trove of anything you could think of in 4 huge floors, it went on forever despite having a shop front on a small cobbled high street. This place is where the blog's title was inspired, Lucy and I settled in and both uttered that we could stay here all day, never getting bored.

There were 50's fashion, re-upholstered furniture, tins, vases, kitchen ware, honestly anything you could think of! This is their website if you fancy giving them a visit.

My initials were obviously the best looking letters

After wandering for what felt like hours we trundled over to Bill's tired and in need of tea. The Bill's in Lewes is the original and first Bill's, I have recently found a love for Bill's and we've even bought the recipe book for our Mum. 

I went for a big enamel teapot of assam tea alongside some heart warming mac and cheese laced with wild mushrooms and creamy leeks with a delicious breaded crunchy topping, it was devoured in minutes!

Lucy went for a classic fish finger sandwich with fries, ever so healthy on her health kick at the moment!

What a difference a 4 day weekend at home makes, I think I've gained a stone just from my Mum's amazing cooking!

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