Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Antique Goodies

I've been holding out on you guys, yesterday I told you about antiques shopping in Lewes but we went and shopped and came home with a few goodies.

We found a gorgeous shoe box of old postcards, some with blank sides but some with sweet messages, sending general Christmas and birthday messages, some informing their loved ones had arrived safely at a new destination or some P.Cs as they call them, just sent general chatter about a life lived over 80 years ago, it was truly inspiring and we nabbed a few of these to take home.

Lucy came home with a gorgeous glass bowl to display her statement jewellery on her dressing table and a small dish to hold her watch at night.

I came away with an old 'Coffee candies' tin from Holland, I can't wait to have it storing something in my kitchen cupboard, I feel like these small things make all of the difference. 

I also bought a gorgeous old pink vase with intricate roses in the glass, at first I thought it was a sundae glass so a multi purpose vase, what more could a girl need?

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