Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Piccadilly Institute

I realise I often only post about the lovely days I've had, hence why the blog is called Favourite Days, however I never write a bad review, until today.

We planned a night out with very little plan, we just went into Leicester Square hoping to find something that took our fancy, unfortunately we ended up in Piccadilly Institute in the middle of Piccadilly Square.

I'll be honest with you, this just isn't my kind of club. It has SO MANY rooms and it's CRAMMED full of people playing awful chart club dance music that's been played millions of times before. Just not my cup of chai.

However, not one to let a good night go to waste, I found my salvation, the Cheese Room! Full of my favourite songs from the 90s where I could pretend to be Beyonce and not be judged for it. 

Odd hanging men in the 'Medicine Room'

Things invariably got messy and blurry

The night was salvaged but I honestly wouldn't recommend going to this club if you have ANY fore-sight. In the end we all had a fun night but probably not because of the venue! 

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