Tuesday, 5 February 2013

La Relais de Venise

A couple of weeks ago my boss treated us to a late Christmas lunch at our most favourite place, La Relais de Venise. On my first day at work the main question I was asked was if I was a vegetarian simply because of the departments love of this amazing steak place.

As soon as you step in the place you feel like you're in Paris. After being seated you aren't given a menu, you don't get asked if you want some olives to start. They simply ask 'have you been here before?' you say yes and they ask you the best question a person could ask, just 'how do you like your steak?'

They serve an amazing Waldorf salad to start and move onto the steak, sliced thinly with lashings of mustard sauce and a HUGE portion of French fries. Now I can hear you salivate and already wish you were there but I'm going to make it worse, after you've finished they come round and ask the immortal question 'would you like a second portion?' to which you will of course answer YES PLEASE!!! And along comes more steak and more fries gently warmed under candles.

As per usual my photography skills don't do it justice

We were all clearly very happy to be there.

It is honestly the most amazing restaurant, of course with this comes popularity and unfortunately the don't take bookings but it is honestly worth it. You can find all of their restaurants here, I would go everyday if I could, a wonderful lunch had by all!

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