Monday, 4 February 2013

Ain't nobody messing with my clique, clique, clique

This weekend was yet another long weekend of going out drinking and dancing with my friends in Bournemouth. We celebrated a big old reunion after our ski trip before Christmas and the reunion was as equally hilarious as the ski trip.

After a few difficulties getting there (4 hours and 2 trains later) I played a little bit of catch up along with some embarrassing dancing. When I got to see my friends I was evidently pretty happy.

The Saturday was filled with watching rugby and dancing around the lounge in our heels to Destiny's Child and Kanye West, the moves being busted out were similar to Beyonce's performance at the Super Bowl (the reuniting of Destiny's Child has honestly made my life).

The evening was due to be a brilliant one, a new club night in Bournemouth called Get Satisfied sold out over a month ago and the next is similarly as popular. It's all house music which I have apparently gotten into recently, I didn't even know that was the genre!

It's held at the student club but anyone can go, it's always a brilliant night and this time Eats Everything headlined who is a favourite DJ of ours.

We naturally decided that moustaches would be the best look for the evening.

We were clearly having a great time that the photos got terribly blurry!

Considering I didn't get to bed until 7am after dancing in the lounge and busting some incredible moves, the coach journey home wasn't the funnest thing ever but the cure back home with The OC on DVD, a cup of tea and chocolate with my housemates was exactly what the Doctor ordered. Bring on the next weekend of parties!

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