Wednesday, 13 February 2013


For anyone who follows me on Instagram they'll know that last Thursday I went big on the lunchtime treats. The office was empty, the day was dreary and we were in desperate need of a pick me up for the day and in came Gail's.

I've already mentioned Gail's and is slowly becoming an obsession of mine, I find myself day dreaming about chocolate fudge and buttery pastry. So we trotted off down the high street (there's quite a few around London) and spent around 20 minutes deciding while secretly wanting to buy everything!! We decided on this incredibly tall and gorgeous carrot cake and the flourless chocolate cake which is pretty much just pure chocolate, right up my street.

The cafe is beautiful and I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to catch pictures, we were too busy racing back to the office to scoff but even more reason to visit. It has the most tempting window of cakes and pastries, artisan bread is scattered around and the smell of freshly roasted coffee fills the whole room.

Once the whole office were made sufficiently jealous we got to try the beauties. The carrot cake was moist and delicious, perfect for an afternoon pick me up. I went for the chocolate cake and felt naughty after the first bite but it tasted amazing, I would say they though that they covered the cake in so much cocoa powder so I had to sweep a lot of and it still dried my mouth a little, but for a chocolate cake there's not a lot that can beat this one.

If you pass a Gail's you'll know because you'll be instantly stuck to the window, they have a lovely cafe for lazy afternoons or a totally easy way to pick up some special cakes for a mid week pick up! For all your information needs you can find them here.

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