Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Boogie Cartel

Last weekend was set to be a brilliant one and it absolutely delivered. A almost monthly event we always like to go to called Boogie Cartel, they set up club nights all along the Dalston High Street and they play brilliant music to boogie too, do you get the name now?!

I met Jess at Victoria, she's a country gal so has a gruesome fear of tubes so I was her tour guide for the day. We went for a quick pit stop at Love Shake on Kingsland Road, hot dogs and curly fries for a fiver and an incredible Oreo milkshake were right up my street.

After a few drinks and a long modelling session with the boys we set off to The Nest in Dalston.

Someone needs to talent scout these boys, the talents displayed speak for themselves..

I'm not sure if you'd ever want to look like this but the boys all bought their shirts on Brick Lane and were 'oh so vintaaage' so hop over there if you fancy a shirt with eskimo's and igloos on.

Once we were in there we didn't stop dancing until 4am, I went mad on the photos!

Possibly my favourite picture from the night, James knows how to take a photo to get his best side.

There was a lot of love going round that night

The night, the club, the company, all were a great recipe for a brilliant evening. I'm hoping that the DJs can put on the event more often but the next one is being planned, you can keep up to date with their dates here.

Couldn't recommend this event more, we always seem to have such a good night at Boogie Cartel and wake up with battered feet from too much boogieing. On to the next one!

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