Thursday, 28 February 2013


If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that Sunday was finally the day we got to see One Direction. I've had a lot of stick for my love of this band in the past but I really don't care, I love them and yes I am 21 years old.

We booked these tickets almost a year ago and ended up buying Sunday matinee tickets which was definitely an experience getting to the O2 for 11am but on we walked towering over every single person there, I'm not kidding we were genuinely a whole head taller than everyone there meaning finding each other in a crowd couldn't be easier!

We all decided to join in with the fan girls and all bought T-Shirts, I think it could well be my new pride and joy!

I won't bang on about the support acts as they weren't much to write home about it, the first girl was possibly the worst singer I've ever heard and the Australian boyband were just a bit boring and samey.

Then the real action began! They did a seriously long set singing all of their songs from the current album and a few extra singles with a huge screen backdrop projecting different London inspired scenes across the stage.

Halfway through, their podium part of the stage started moving forwards towards the crowd ending at a middle stage where they performed 'One Way or Another' which is my new favourite tune and surprisingly 'Teenage Dirtbag', I have a feeling we were among the minority who knew the words to this song!

Post 1D drinks to calm down

I've honestly not had more fun for a while, they're so energetic and every single song everyone was on their feet having a good old boogie. I know they're not "cool" but their songs are fun and lighthearted and sometimes that's just what you need on a Sunday afternoon. I promise you if you're ever feeling down put a couple of songs on from the new album and you'll have a smile back on your face (obviously, of course, if you're a 1D fan). Their world tour started this past weekend and doesn't finish until November so they must have a few fans out there.

I do have tickets to Beyonce and Wireless festival with JT and Jay Z so I promise I'll blog about some slightly cooler artists soon!

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