Thursday, 14 February 2013

1 year

I'm pretty sure I'm going against the grain today by not doing a blog today about 'great craft ideas for your valentine' or the perfect place for dinner on that special day of the year. I'm afraid I'm not much of a Valentines Day girl.

However, I started my blog one year ago and I thought that deserved more celebration than a day that forces romance on everybody. My first ever post was a cringey, appropriately timed Valentines post about my Valentines evening with SO many 'lovely's in there. I look back on that girl and wonder how I ever became her, I wouldn't dream of doing anything like that these days! Thankfully for my readers I snapped out of it and now (hopefully) write about much more interesting things than about a boyfriend, I've loved having this blog because I can see the change from that to the girl I am now, so clearly.

I started the blog as an Internet diary so I could remember all of my favourite days (geddit?!) and so all of my friends across the country at Uni could share these days with me so it only seems appropriate to look back on some of my favourite days this year.

SUBU Elections with one of my favourite boys, James Rodgers

Jubilee Cake at Ideal Home Show

Champagne and tea at Hotel du Vin with Lucy

The Geisha girls in Alpe D'Huez

Last Bournemouth weekend with the girls

Martinis before Bombay Bicycle Club

Charlotte's birthday, Call Me Maybe with Julian

Amy's birthday with the home gals

Hackney weekend with Charlotte

Turning 21 in style

21st birthday in London with Lucy

Mummy Springett's birthday in Kew Gardens

Photoshoot in Brighton

London 2012 Olympics at Horse Guards Parade

Skiing with the girls in Val Thorens

I'm so happy to have this diary and that I can share it all with you, here's to the second year being even more exciting!

Tonight I plan on using the day as an excuse to go out in London and have fun with my friends, celebrating being in the best city in the world with some great friends around me, I couldn't think of anything better.

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