Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Pinterest is my favourite website at the moment, I'm literally on it every 5 seconds! It is a beautiful website where you can repin people's pictures which they have virtually 'pinned' onto their online mood board. 

You can make your own boards with different themes like Fashion, Home and Food for your pins, you can follow companies, blogs and people you like to see their pins. You can also pin from other websites like blogs or even your own pictures, the options are endless!

I have 6 boards I think with themes like My Style, Fashion Inspiration, For the Home, Christmas, Food and Celebrity. You need an invite to join but you can either be invited by someone you know (I can invite if you comment below!) otherwise I joined the waiting list when I found it about a month or so ago and received a login email in about 5 minutes!

Here is an example of the gorgeous photography you can find on this website, they really inspire me to think about what my life will be like "When I'm Grown Up..."

{Love engagement}

{Rachel Bilson, pretty in pink}

{Sequin dresses}

{Peonies Centerpiece}

{Pink Hundreds and Thousands Cake}

{Lace and Pastel Blue Outfit}

{Peach and Turquoise Macaroons}

{Chanel + Champagne}

{Turquoise Louboutins}

{Lionel Ritchie Hello?}

{Cherry Blossom}


There really are some gorgeous, inspiration photography on there and its perfect for a bit of distraction from work!

This is my Pinterest board http://pinterest.com/rosie_springett/ so follow me for more photos like this. All I can say is I'd recommend joining this lovely website!

P.S. I read an article yesterday that Pinterest may be in trouble about copyright infringement laws so I'd better say that the Copyright of all pictures belong to the different artists on Pinterest, links to their sources are on my Pinterest page! 

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