Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Burberry A/W '12

I think I've read possibly 20 or more Pancake status' and tweets about Pancake Day with varying recipes depicting the same lemony sugary plate of crepes.

So I decided not to add to this flipping talk and talk about the gorgeous Burberry A/W '12 catwalk I watched this morning, I missed their live streaming yesterday afternoon so caught up with their full show on youtube:

What a show it was! The music, the Front Row and the rain all complimented an amazing show, they're so spot on with this Autumn Winter season. Watch the video all the way through, the finale is amazing and the last 5 minutes shows behind the scenes prep by Christopher Bailey.

The themes were belts, bows, big pockets, winter animals (cute owls!) and luxurious fabrics like tweed and velvet. Here's my favourite looks (all photos copyright to Burberry!):

{Pastel pink bow with tweed}

{Rope belt + wax jacket}

{Cute owl T-Shirt}

{Shearling and velvet}

{Beautiful deep plum velvet coat}

{Smart tweed + burgundy spots}

{Cosy jumper}

{Smart trench, suit + gentleman's umbrella}

It really was lovely and the Front Row were equally as stylish:

{Clémence Poésy}

{Eddie Redmayne}

{Eddie Redmayne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley + Mario Testino}

{Kate Beckinsale}

{Rosie Huntington-Whiteley}

{Burberry Front Row}

The rain finale was just beautiful, almost makes you want England to rain more just so you can make an excuse to buy a beautiful umbrella like Burberry's!

{Rainy Finale}

So Happy Pancake Day everyone, stuff your faces before lent comes our way tomorrow!

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