Wednesday, 29 February 2012

SUBU Elections

Last night we all trotted off to our Student Union Club for the SUBU (Student Union Bournemouth University) election campaign night. All of the candidates were walking around chatting to people and trying to persuade drunk people to vote for them (I don't think it was an official campaign evening!)

Three friends are candidates so we all went to support them and have a little dance at the same time! The candidates are basically running to be elected into different full time positions within the Student Union so everyone is basically voting for their full time job for a year, its like the worst interview ever!

My lovely friend James Rodgers is running to be Vice President of Education and his campaign is based around making the students have a stronger voice. Its such a tricky one because every candidate has their supporters and its all about becoming noticed really! But I think as soon as anyone chats to him they'll realise he's the best for the position, I mean look at the handsome fellow!

Every candidate can have a campaign team to help them spread the word and James cleverly picked some gorgeous girls to persuade people to vote, luckily Jess and Charlie were on hand to help! Who would say no to these girls?!

Another course mate of ours is running to be the President who DJ's at the SU club so he managed to get a HUGE projection on entrance to the club to make sure everyone knew he was up for the vote!

Lastly, Mark James Lowe is running for Vice President of Campaigns, you might have seen him around the student shop and he is honestly the sweetest boy ever, just trust me!

We had a good old dance at Milk, for those of you who aren't from Bournemouth and are wondering why I was dancing in a dairy product last night its a weekly Indie night with a room with 80s and Motown tunes and another room with the indie kid music. The 80s room plays some classic crooners so we can sing along and have a boogie!

If you haven't voted yet or have literally no interest in the vote, quickly log on and vote for Josch Young, James Rodgers and Mark James Lowe (shameful plug for my friends eh?)

You can vote for them here:

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