Wednesday, 22 February 2012


So the dreaded day of the year comes when you have to tell people what you're going to give up, only to buckle under and lose your willpower a few days later!

I usually prefer New Years Resolutions because at least you can have a fun resolution like 'live life to the fullest everyday' or 'this year I WILL go on that amazing travelling holiday I've always wanted to do'. But lent is just giving up things you like and that's never fun.

This year I've decided to say goodbye to that old procrastination tool of Facebook. This website has taken too many hours of my life and I refuse for it to take me and my dissertation down with it.

(Pictures are not my own!)

So today is the first of 40 days without Facebook. I am fully prepared to be out of the loop for 40 days, who knows after this I may just be obsessed with Twitter instead?!

Whenever lent comes around I think it's a perfect chance to restart your New Years Resolutions of detoxes and losing weight so here goes a healthier and Facebook free 40 days!

What's everyone else giving up? Good luck with whatever you choose and see you on the other side!

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