Monday, 27 February 2012

Ben Howard Gig

Last Friday my sister and I went to Ben Howard's gig at Shepherds Bush and it was just brilliant!

We had such a lovely day wandering around the shops in Covent Garden before going to one of our favourite cocktail bars called Henry's in the middle of Covent Garden for dinner.

We ordered some amazing cocktails which will most definitely be made at home now! Lucy ordered a Raspberry Tatanka which had crushed raspberries, vodka, apple juice and a dash of lime so a pretty simple cocktail but it had a sour and sweet tang to it which was delish!

I had a Bianco Spritzer which was another simple cocktail with a bit of a twist from the classic G&T, it had crushed grapes, elderflower cordial, Gordon's Gin and soda with a couple of little grapes on top! Very sweet and yummy

Then we had our dinner which was really great, good portions and the prices are about £10 a main meal (we did a little cheat where you can get £5 or 20% off the bill if you sign up to their newsletter online, well worth doing!)

Lucy was craving a burger so ordered a huge beef burger with extra pancetta and cheese, what a fattie!

I ordered a more refined belly of pork with potato dauphinoise, roasted vegetables and a beef gravy, it doesn't look very pretty but it definitely tasted good!

Once we'd finished stuffing our faces we hopped on a tube to Shepherds Bush where a friendly man somehow guessed we were lost and looking for Ben Howard and helped us along our way while telling us about the 'brilliant acoustics' of the venue.

We were on the top tier, right at the front and had a brilliant view. The support act were great, a band called Daughter who are unsigned and had heard a few times before. The main singer had such a beautiful voice and was a great live act. If you don't recognise the name you might recognise their album cover of a young girl at school. Here is one of my favourite songs:

{Daughter - Candles}

Then Ben Howard came on and he sang so incredibly, it was such a good gig where songs you wouldn't think to dance to had your toe tapping and your shoulders moving. He really went for it and you could tell he was so thankful to be there (he kept saying thank you for coming, he'd sold out the venue completely!!)

And even better Fearne Cotton and Greg James from Radio 1 came along for the fun, sitting on a suspiciously well lit balcony!

He sang a song I hadn't heard as it wasn't on his album which is fast becoming my new favourite song of his, unfortunately I think there's only live versions of the song so sorry about the quality!

{Ben Howard - Depth Over Distance}

It was a really lovely day and I hope I can see Ben Howard again, if you can see him anywhere and the tickets haven't sold out, go do it! You won't regret it!

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