Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bournemouth Summer Ball 2013

This is possibly going to be the most picture heavy blog post I have ever made but trust me it's worth it. At the weekend I trotted off down to sunny Bournemouth to re-live my student life again at the annual summer ball. A lot of universities have posh balls, they dress up and have champagne, much like the Cambridge Balls I've been to here and here. But Bournemouth do it a little different, they host an all day and night festival in a massive field and there's not a ball gown in sight. It's a fancy dress party but everyone seriously goes all out, there's no theme so you can have a lot of fun with the outfits.

The girls and I decided to go as harajuku girls, remember when Gwen Stefani was obsessed with them?! Lize and Emily decided to spend a little more money and go as the Green Giant and her sweetcorn. I think we looked pretty bloody great.

A few of the boys came over for pre drinks but as they stepped in we were introduced to a few ladies instead...

After a lot of drinks, a little spinny mop and a kitchen rave we headed over to the student club which puts on buses to the ball. All of the buses that ever exist in Bournemouth are hired for this one day, when you're on the bus everyone's excitement builds as they get closer.

There's loads of different tents with different genres of music, Rudimental were our headliners but Everything Everything and Justin Martin were kind of the second headliners. The music scene in Bournemouth is amazing, there's everything you'd ever want, house, vintage motown, chart, electronic, you can't get bored!

The weather was incredible for the day so once we got there we ran around like kids looking into all of the tents, rolling down hills and doing handstands, I'm now regretting those handstands after falling flat on my face and giving myself a black eye, not my finest hour!

The offending handstand

Post handstand face :'(

Roll forward to 5am and we were on the beach posing for the survivors photo, what an amazing night. I'm a lucky lucky girl with some pretty amazing friends, Bournemouth you never disappoint!

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