Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I wanna be the one you call every day and night

On the bank holiday weekend I went down to Bournemouth for what promised to be the best weekend ever. Stepping on the train brimming with excitement I had in my hands a ticket to Block Party and Beyonce, all in one weekend. Now you understand the excitement!

On Friday night we had the last proper ski social with my friend Elliza being social sec, the next will be initiation for the next generation. The theme was black tie so finally an excuse to pull out and dust off the glad rags and see the boys in something other than fancy dress (read women's clothes). 

More effort made by some than others as you can see here

It all got a bit messy

Some of the boys didn't quite understand that theme 'suit and tie'

I danced my socks off all night despite my screaming feet from the effects of my heels. We went to a club which I called Lava when I was at Bournemouth Uni but now it's changed to Cameo and had a few well needed uplifts, however much to my dismay my favourite room, the cheese room, is now a huge bar.

We found this hat and decided we should all model it

Elliza fell over. Again.


Bournemouth is quite well known for the hen and stag do's so students often stay away at the weekends but Friday night at Cameo seemed to be something different from what I've usually had to see on a weekend in Bournemouth. 

On the Saturday, after composing ourselves from the hangovers from hell we got ready for the second night of the weekend, Block Party. 

I've talked about this event before and it never disappoints, the line up is usually on point and this time was no exception. An Eton Messy takeover in one of the bars, Bondax and the new member of the house music getting to number 1, Duke Dumont. 

We got there promptly for Duke Dumont, I won't lie it was an uncomfortable squish but totally worth it. Thinking he'll pull out the big tune towards the end we went for a quick drink only to be greeted by the mmmmhmmmm's of Duke Dumont's 'Need U 100%', we dashed back to the crowd and I'll admit I got a little over excited with my dancing. 

Worn out from the pushing and squishing we trotted over to a silent disco, a surreal experience for everyone there I'm sure you'll know, but singing along with everyone else to 90s forgotten hits like Cha Cha Slide just felt totally natural! 

Little Jess lost in the crowd



Evidently quite happy to be there.

We ended the night at the Eton Messy takeover to catch my new favourite DJ, Jackmaster, who also happens to be really really hot. If you haven't heard of Eton Messy then you've been severely missing out. They're a group of DJs who run a YouTube channel showcasing the new and best house songs out there, subscribe to the boys here and thank me later. 

Yet another boozy weekend in Bournemouth dancing and gossiping with the girls, roll on next month for the Bournemouth Summer Ball. Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the beautiful Beyonce and her many freakum dresses.

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