Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Val Thorens Part 2

The rest of the holiday was much of the same, a couple of hours of skiing, lots of cheese fuelled meals and then dancing the night away like absolute idiots.

However there was one part of this trip which I think may have been my favourite and I think it's pretty individual to Val Thorens, meaning it must be enjoyed every single day without fail. I'm sure you already know what I'm getting at... The après ski!

The après at Val Thorens is and will always be the best in the alps. For those who may not know, at about 3pm every day, people across the mountain will stop all skiing and head to one of two places on the mountain for a few drinks and bit of a boogie, ready for the night ahead.

La Folie Douce is my favourite place to be, it is absolutely mental. Everyone gets up and dances on the tables to fist pumping beats all in the view of the DJ, singer and saxophonist who are set up on a balcony. The combo of the three is so much fun and about every half an hour you hear the singer shout "Does anyone want some champagne?!" And people flock to the front.

However he's not offering champagne in the traditional sense, they spray bottles upon bottles of champagne all over the crowds, which is great apart from it makes you look like this:

This isn't the extent of how soaking and disgusting we looked but no one wants to see that on the internet!

Elliza threw a snowball at me while we were posing for a picture, she thinks she's so funny...

Another bar you can go to is Bar 360, which plays more chart music and is just a simple DJ, but it's still amazing fun. The mulled wine there is delicious, the bar staff are ridiculously good looking ski bums and everyone is again on tables dancing their day away on top of a mountain.

The best thing about 360 is that it closes at 6 which means you have a hilarious dark, drunken ski down (don't worry it's only a green run) with loads of your friends ahead of you. I may have accidentally thought I had the wrong skis and instead had to walk/stand on other people's skis, all in a days work at VT.

Apart from the après we had a few other great fancy dress themes. The Only way is Essex for instance saw us applying layer upon layer of tan on ourselves and all of the boys on our floor, this resulted in some interesting looking faces. I took this opportunity to get a close up of everybody's best smile...

We're all a beautiful bunch of people I'm sure you'll agree!

Elliza's arm post 8 layers of tan

There are so many moments I could put on this blog that I simply can't fit in but I cannot recommend enough going skiing with your friends. I know I bang on about skiing quite a lot (you'll notice if you follow me on twitter) but I honestly haven't laughed that much ever, my sides hurt thinking about it.

Baby Jesus for one theme 'Politically Incorrect Christmas', Lize was Mary and Jesus was strapped onto her

Another great theme was sports day where we decided to reuse our favourite showjumpers and become the Equestrian Dressage team. The sight of three hobby horses dancing above everybody's heads was a sight to behold, but at least you'll never get lost!

If your Uni is doing a trip, go on it! You'll never have the opportunity to ski that cheaply again plus you've got 200 people to meet and potentially some of those could end up being your bessies. So go book a holiday NOW!


  1. great blog. i just got back on saturday and am still in depressed mode. have you been val d'isere?

    1. Thanks! Ah the VT blues are still with me and it was a month ago! Never been to Val D but friends have and rate VT over it, especially the Folie.