Thursday, 31 January 2013


My lovely friend Elliza started her Dryathon at 9am on the 1st January. Today is her last day alcohol free and I'm so incredibly proud of her. This is the girl who will always be up for a night out and the social sec of the Snowriders for a good reason. To prove my point these photos say a thousand words!

You can see the girl likes a boozy night out, she's a great gal. I think this may be why this was such an important thing. She's raising money for Cancer Research UK, her amazing Daddy was lucky enough to find it in the early stages and is on a speedy recovery but not everyone is so lucky.

I feel like a proud mother saying this but she's raised over £1,000, she's done so incredibly well as her target went from £150 going slightly higher each time until the scary £1,000 target was set. If I'm honest I wasn't sure she'd get there but she's smashed it!

Today is the last day and tomorrow we're going out to celebrate and will be getting disgustingly drunk so I'm blogging about this for one reason, this is the last day, the last push. I know most of my readers are my friends who have probably all donated to Lize already but I know some of my readers aren't, so please please donate on this page for Cancer Research.

I have a feeling there's more photos like this to come, kitchen dancing in it's best form

I've got a long weekend in Bournemouth with my favourite girls and I'm sure there will be lots of gossip and antics to report back on Monday! Last time we al had a reunion Elliza fell off a DJ booth and her face looked like a Chipmunk's in the morning, I'm hoping for similar this weekend!

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