Friday, 18 May 2012

The Last Weekend

OK so the title may be a little over dramatic but this is my last big weekend with all of my girls before I head back to Kent to start the scary life of being an adult. 

We've got lots planned with a big party tonight and lots more celebrations over the weekend. So I thought I'd share a few photos from the last weekend we all spent together. Anna takes lovely pictures and edits them on her computer so it takes slightly longer to appear on our Facebook feeds, but they really are lovely photos so heres a few which have made me smile :)

{Anna pulling out her inner gymnast}

{True love}

{I have a lot of time for my crazy friend Emily Linter}

{Lucy and Elliza loved up}

{Gwee and his doughnuts}

{Slow dancing with Elliza}

{She's a classy girl, on the bubbly!}

{My handstand is DEFINITELY better than Elliza's}

{Lucy, Cec and I}

{Ice cream in sunny Bournemouth}

{New dance moves to try out later}

{Emma joining in the dance}

{Arm dancing}

{Even Joss and Steph are joining in!}

{Me and Steph}

I think I'm gonna miss my friends next year!! Have a lovely weekend everyone

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