Wednesday, 23 May 2012

End of the Season Snowriders Social

So Friday was a slightly crazy day and evening, we all met bright and early in the late afternoon and commenced drinking at our friends house named 'The Maple Chambers', better than just a boring house name eh?

A few of us knew prior to the event that the new committee for the next season of Snowriders had been secretly picked and that the initiations for this new team would be held that Friday night. I'm very excited to say that my gorgeous friend Elliza is our new Social Secretary!! She's the only girl in the team and is the first girl to be in the committee for a long time so it's safe to say we're all pretty proud of the girl.

The initiations were hilarious and everyone involved did not look their best after the torture of Bovril, mustard, marmite, cat food and frankfurters being thrown in their faces!

{Steph and Tina chilling on the balcony}

{Guy being 'serious'}

{Tina's not impressed}

{Elliza pre initiation, all of the nice hair and make up was lost}

{Lucy and I ready to watch the initiations}

{The girls all together}

{Our new Freestyle Team President, Alf}

{Will and Olly not looking their best}

{Elliza and her Bovril lips}

{Pretty Elliza}

{Alf and Elliza}

{Our new President, Olly, enjoying his new power}

{She survived!}

They all survived and once everyone was cleaned up we finished our drinking and trotted off to Bar Extreme to watch the film from our trip. It's such a good atmosphere watching the film with all of your fellow trip mates as you go down memory lane and remember what an amazing trip it was. 

Now I don't feature in the film at all because apparently I'm boring but unfortunately some footage was apparently lost so I'm afraid you won't be able to hear any of our incredible Geisha accents but maybe you'll get to see it another time!

Here's the film, it's pretty long but it mainly contains the standard student film of copious amounts of drinking and dancing like a loon so check it out if you haven't seen enough of those films already!

The night ended quite sensibly for me, it was another story for my frankly insane friends. Lucy decided to go home early and along with a friend cycled along to her friend's house on MY BIKE and then proceeded to fall sideways mid cycle in front of two very amused policemen. She has the war wounds to prove it.

Elliza also has a few war wounds, particularly to her face, as she accidentally fell from the tall height of the DJ booth in the bar face first onto the floor. She woke up in the morning with a black eye and half a swollen face the silly billy, at least it was a memorable first day as our Social Sec!

The rest of the weekend was spent in the garden chilling with lots of naughty food and playing games. A very good weekend all round and I cannot wait for the next season of Snowriders, even though I won't officially be there!

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